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Product Manual

The Putt Putt Toy Boat operates with the use of steam propulsion.

There are two internal water tubes underneath the boat which are filled with water and plugged (fingers work fine) and then placed in the water. The supplied candle is then lit (parental assistance required!) and placed into the slot under the boats canopy. The candle uses thermal energy to heat the water in the boiler. Once the water is a high enough temperature the boat will begin to move in leisurely circles.

How you might ask?

The heated water in one tube will flow out of the boat creating negative pressure behind it. This negative pressure allows water from the outside to be sucked in and more pushed out, propelling the Putt Putt Toy Boat through the water.

scaping air from the heated tube even emits a ‘putt putt’ sound that is clearly audible to add to the experience

Steam Powered mechanics have been used as a power source to various engines and machines for thousands of years and will continue to play a vital role into the future. The Putt Putt Toy Boat uses the same mechanical principles of all other steam engine vessels in a miniaturised version that is fun for children of all ages to learn.

SAFETY: A Putt Putt Toy Boat should be used under adult supervision at all times due to the use of the naked flame.

(Each putt putt toy boat that you order comes with an instruction manual.)